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Neighbors – “Wild Enough”

Brought to you on S-VHS.

Directed by Phillip Van
Produced by Michaela McKee & Allison Carter
Choreography by Celia Rowlson-Hall
Director of Photography: Aaron Wesner
Production Designer: Amanda Ford
Costume Designer: Amanda Ford

Scientist: Noah Stitleman
Research Assistants: Julia Pott // Lisa Zlotnick
Test Subjects: James Koroni // Elle Erdman // Rachel Watson // Matty Davis

Camera Ops: Matthew Santo & Noah Chamis
Key Grip: Evan Walsh
Swing: Alex Abrahams
Set Decorator: Erin Beaupre
Art Assistant Sofia Rosenweig
Production Coordinator: Laura Albyn
Production Assistant: Andrew Boyd

A Greencard Pictures Production
Shot at Carrier Stages in Brooklyn
Single “Wild Enough” from the album “Failure” by Neighbors.

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