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Be The One

Be The One, James Koroni

I’ll never see what you wanted… love
The earth created life for unknown reasons but life is positive and the only known reason is “love.”

I was the hell that you needed… oh
Our existing assumptions for life lead to the planets very downfall. We exploit natural resources and deplete the planet of what life bearing properties it had.

I was the one when you needed love
I was the one when you needed love
Finally the earth speaks up but not to destroy us. The earth repeatedly sends signs that only conscientious love & compassion for the earth will sustain life. A cycle of outcries in the form of natural disasters, war, famine & global warming communicates that we will return to our “mother” whether it be through tender love or instant death. We are dependent and yet, ignorant of our downfall. We need to re-identify with our “creator” or our life support and respect it’s wishes before we fulfill our own. Either way will sacrifice something. What’s worth more, Strife or Life?

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